Who we are

GoldenWater is a brand of Kesri , a company active in the spice and tea sector from all over the world. We represent a family business, which over the years has become an expert in this sector.


GoldenWater is based in Lucerne and in the Canton of Ticino, the company's homeland.

Our why.

Often when we talk about Turmeric or Ginger we tend to have a bitter perception of these spices, for many they represent ingredients with a too bright taste and it is not always possible to fully enjoy their properties.


GoldenWater goes beyond the "shots" and spice juices on the market and was created with the aim of making the consumption of Turmeric a pleasant and refreshing moment.


To do this we have merged the benefits of this spice with the excellent local Ticino water, giving this drink a fresh and genuine mix.



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GoldenWater (LU)

a Brand of Kesri by Pabla

Kleinmattstrasse 7

CH-6003 Luzern

GoldenWater (TI)
a Brand of Kesri by Pabla
CH-6516 Cugnasco



+41 79 204 26 48

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