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Discover Switzerland's first refreshing turmeric drink, with Ticino mineral water.

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GoldenWater is your new everyday companion, enriched with Turmeric extract which contributes as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Eating, at work or playing sports, she accompanies you everywhere.

The addition of Ginger, Lemon and Vitamin C makes GoldenWater refreshing and at the same time an ally for your immune defenses.

Enjoy it best served cold.


100% vegan ingredients


Our PET bottle is recyclable, bring it back to the appropriate collection centers.



GoldenWater does not contain refined sugars, only fructose

Few calories

With 16.3 kcal per 100ml GoldenWater is very light. It is a refreshing alternative to the usual sugary drinks.

Where to buy it

Find GoldenWater at our retailers and online , discover them on the map below (more to come).
Genuinity Ascona
City Carburoil shop in the Canton of Ticino, Mesolcina and Lucerne
Logo San Clemente.jpg
Tamaro Drinks SA
Ancora 1
Image by Nadine Marfurt

Made in Switzerland

GoldenWater is produced in Switzerland and bottled in the Canton of Ticino by our partner Tamaro Drinks SA of Sigirino-Lugano.

GoldenWater is based on San Clemente (TI) natural mineral water, one of the lightest in Europe.


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